Stripping Away The Pounds

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February 10, 2014
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Stripping Away The Pounds

What intentionally comes to mind when you hear the words pole dancing? Maybe a few years ago, one would think about scantly clothed women in a dimly lit and sometimes questionable place. Today, pole dancing is a fast growing fitness phenom. Women are using pole fitness to strip away the pounds, tone and build muscles and boost confidence.

Sentiments that Tametrice Hodges , owner of Sassy Fitness, agrees with.

“I got involved in pole fitness in 2010 after my first pole party in Houston, Texas” Hodges shares. “I went with friends and had a blast! I was so blown away by the instructor that I was convinced that I could learn pole and be an instructor. I bought a pole months later, began taking classes, and the rest is history.”

 Pole fitness, what muscles does it work?

Pole fitness is a unique, yet fun way for women to workout and express themselves. It can burn as few as 300 calories or as much as 750 calories. The more advanced the pole fitness moves, the more calories you burn. You’re using major muscle groups in your arms, legs, back, and abdominals. The arms and back muscles are engaged first in pole fitness, as the two are greatly needed for all moves.

Why do you think pole fitness has become so popular?

It is becoming less taboo. Poles are no longer just for the strip club. Women can now use a pole as they would standard gym equipment. However, due to the level of strength and knowledge needed, pole fitness does require more instruction and supervision than your regular gym equipment. Pole fitness is also a sexy way to work out. Women can discover more about themselves while expressing themselves.


Do you need to be a good dancer to be good at pole fitness?

You aren’t dancing necessarily. The art of pole is compiled of several pole moves using your entire body to grip, hang, twist, and spin. Small dance components are added for entertainment.

 How soon can you expect to see results?

Pole dancing will transform your body. How soon your body is transformed depends on how regularly you engage in pole fitness and the type of moves you perform. I alternate power moves, spins, and core moves to maintain my whole body to ensure results. Beginners can pole twice a week to see results. Once a week is doable, but only if you cross train or maintain regular conditioning session.

 Is pole fitness effective by itself or should it be combined with another work regiment as well?

It  isn’t as effective by itself. Women without a fitness background require regular conditioning to ensure progress. I cross train. I do weight and circuit training, running and kickboxing. To condition the body for pole fitness, it is important to regularly do pushups, sit ups, squats, leg raises, etc. However, you don’t have to condition before taking any of my sessions. The moves performed in my sessions help condition the body.

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