Most Eligible: Allen Oghenejobo

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December 3, 2012
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Most Eligible: Allen Oghenejobo

Name: Allen Oghenejobo

Occupation: Designer/ Architect

Age: 25


I’m  attracted to a woman…

Who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it. She definitely has to have faith in God, and faith in me. A woman should be strong and independent, yet submissive to me.  She must be a caring person, and I should be able to trust her completely. Other attractive characteristic include intelligence, confidence, ability to make me laugh, and a positive attitude.


One misconception that women tend to make about me is that…

I am the “player-type”. This is a huge misconception. I am truly a one woman man. I just haven’t found that special woman yet.  I am enjoying the single life, but I am looking for my queen.

On a perfect first date we would…

Go to dinner and indulge in some great conversation and laughter.  After dinner we would do something interactive and fun like pool or bowling. Then I would take her home, we should share an innocent kiss, and it would end with both of us sharing a mutual feeling of limerence.

I would commit if…

I felt I couldn’t be without her. She must need me as much as I need her. She must inspire me to be better, challenge me, and be full of the unexpected. She would have to be unique like a rare diamond. Someone that I don’t think I can find anywhere else. It’s like she’s too good to be true.

I’m a good man…

Because I know how to treat a woman. I’m not only able to give a woman what she wants, but I’m willing to give her what she needs. Besides, I’m intelligent, confident, and destined for greatness.

I’ll know I’ve found the right one when…

I’m not sure how I will know I have found the right one, but I know God will let me know when she comes. I’m guessing it will be a unique feeling in my mind, heart, and soul.

In my free time…

I enjoy traveling, designing, cooking, and playing with kids. I also enjoy working out, playing sports, and hanging out with family and friends.

The fact that…

I’m Nigerian tends to be pretty interesting to women. Probably because Nigerian men are the BEST men in the world.

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  1. Shantay K. Hines says:

    Very much proud of you young man. Keep up the great work and remain as positive as you already are. One question tho’. In this God fearing young woman that you’re seeking, what are your expectations from her; as far as her education, career, age, and race, if that matters? Or are you just looking for compatibility, understanding, and love & happiness? And my reason for asking that is, sometimes people tend to look for people that are somewhat in the same bracket with them; if you’re with me. On the other hand; you may meet an individual that’s not in that bracket, but makes you happy, feel loved and wanted, and most of all make u proud:)! You appear to be a very sweet and respectful young man. Take care!!!!

    • Allen Oghenejobo says:

      I would love a woman in the same bracket as me so that we could be that power couple like The Obamas or Jay and Beyonce, but it is not a must. Being with someone that makes you happy and shows you that unconditional love is always a must in my book. Age, career, race are pretty minor to me although I prefer black women; but I do need an educated woman. Someone who I can have an intelligent conversation with and actually learn something from.

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