Sheen Allen is one busy tech mogul. When she’s not developing for Sheena Allen Apps, she’s meeting with other aspiring techies or being interviewed by the likes of Forbes, Essence Magazine or Youtube series Legends Do Live.

She lives a full life.

In an industry were African Americans make up only one percent and women 30 percent, Allen has found success. The 25- year- old Terry, Mississippi native has developed six apps with more than two million downloads.  Click here to see list of apps.

Check out what Allen says are the top seven must have apps for young professionals. Why only seven? Seven’s her lucky number.

1. LinkedIn 
As a young professional, you should have a LinkedIn account. If not, I suggest you sign up now. LinkedIn is a professional social network and gives you an opportunity to connect with people from various industries on various professional levels. If you receive mail on LinkedIn, you know that it is someone wanting to discuss business, not someone trying to take you on a date.
2. Invoice2Go
While there are other invoice options, including PayPal, Invoice2Go allows you to keep a list clients, their information, how much they owe you (per milestone), and much more.
3. Uber
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, there is a good chance you will use Uber. There are a few great things about Uber. One, you can now avoid paying for a rental car. Two, Uber allows you to keep track of the route your driver is taking, so you’ll know for sure that the driver is purposely taking a longer route to get more money. The biggest plus is that the app is probably one of the best user-friendly apps available.
4. Hotel Tonight
Needing a hotel at the last minute? I suggest using the Hotel Tonight app. It will find you a nice hotel for a decent price.
5. ZIP Viewer
If you are anything like me, you check your email on your phone or tablet more than you do your laptop or desktop. For those emails that contain ZIP files, use ZIP Viewer to unzip the file.
6.  DocuSign
DocuSign is the perfect app for the young professionals on the go. If and when you receive documents that require your signature, you no longer have to worry about trying to print, sign, scan, etc. Open the document in DocuSign, sign, and email it back.
7. Finance (Personal/Business Banking App & InstaFunds)
Finances are important to everyone, but especially young professionals. You should definitely have the official app to whatever bank that you bank with, business and/or personal. You should also have the app InstaFunds. While your personal banking app gives you auto updates, InstaFunds is your manual option for your finances. Deposit and withdraw transactions as they happen, but also add or subtract your predicted future transactions to give yourself a view of your finances/budget throughout the week, month, or year.
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Sheen Allen is one busy tech mogul. When she’s not developing for Sheena Allen Apps, she’s meeting with other aspiring techies or being interviewed by the […]
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