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February 8, 2015
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February 9, 2015

And Then There Were 8

“This has been a wonderful, wonderful journey,” is how Kamel King, co-founder of N.O.W. Entertainment described The Search.  Standing in a studio full of media and supporters, King told how he and business partner Cedrick Jenkins dreamed of starting a record label that showcased the depth of talent throughout Mississippi.

“My partner Cedrick Jenkins and I started our indie label a couple of years ago. Just asking the question why with Mississippi have so many Grammy winners and nominees and being such a breeding ground for all entertainment, why isn’t Mississippi having the reputation that it should?”

It took a King and Jenkins a few years to solidify the concept, but they did. In 2014 the two long-time friends decided to follow in the footsteps of record label greats Motown, Stax and Chess records, and independently produce and develop artists.

King, armed with the legal chops as an entertainment attorney  and Jenkins, a former record executive for Deathrow Records,  came up with the concept that they simply named The Search.

Every Saturday for 10 weeks, the duo and a team of supporters, including I Heart Radio (formerly Clear Channel) and Frascogna and Associates, opened the doors of Terminal Studio for singers, songwriters, musicians and producers to audition. More than 800 artists from around the state audition for a chance for a single record deal that included production, studio time, public relations support, promotional materials, a high quality music video and legal guidance.

Following months of auditions, a showcase that included over 40 performances and hours of reviewing performance, the search is finally over.  N.O.W. Entertainment extended a one record deal contracts to the following artists:


Amber King

Chad Cox



Kayla Bailey- Clenton Johnson

LaKeisha Cotten


Seth Powers


Long Time Coming

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