Mississippi Artists Release Music Encouraging Flag Change

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September 13, 2015
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September 21, 2015

As the debate and deep rooted emotions still charge on feverishly regarding the possible change of Mississippi’s state flag from the long standing Confederate Flag, activists are becoming younger and more creative to push their initiatives. While Alabama and other states have resoundingly attributed the Confederate flag as a symbol of a hurtful history and as an association with our nation’s past racial transgressions, Mississippi is still locked in a heated debate on whether it should follow suit with our neighbors in the abortion of it as our State’s flag. This hotbed debate sparked two young and talented artists to create a powerful song about it.

Seth Power (a Caucasian pop/alternative rock artist) and D. Horton (an indie African American hip hop artist) teamed up with Jackson based indie label N.O.W. Entertainment to record and release a composition entitled “Free” to address this important issue. A blend of racial diversity and music genres encapsulated a succinct message that the majority of Mississippi’s youth wish they had the voice and means to say. While cutting edge on production and delivery, the lyrics in “Free” are about unity, acceptance, blending and tolerance. “Free” is the national anthem for Mississippi and all other states who are locked in this debate. “Free” expresses the views of supporters of change in this very polarized issue.

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