Muzic Is Life For Tonya Boyd Cannon

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Muzic Is Life For Tonya Boyd Cannon

A year ago the world discovered what Mississippians and Louisianians have known all along, Tonya Boyd Cannon is a vocal beast. Her range leaves you awe struck. The depth and color of her voice paints a picture and takes you on a journey.  Her passionate, soul stirring delivery of every note engulfs you. She’s a vocalist and artist in the truest sense of the words.

It was no surprise when she stepped on the stage of NBC’s The Voice, she earned a spot on Adam Levine’s team.

“The Voice was an amazing experience” Boyd- Cannon shared. “It was a dream come true. To be able to share my gift with the world…that’s always been a dream of mines.”

And share her gift she did. Week after week she walked off the stage with a little piece of America’s heart. Everyone was singing the praises of this MississippiSouisianian, as she affectionately describes herself.

While she didn’t win The Voice, she left with a stronger fan base and even more certainty in who she is as an artist and person.  A year later, she’s still touring the world sharing her gift. She recently released her second album Muzic Is Life.

A compilation of various genres, Muzic Is Life has something for everyone.

“I love to sing.  Whether I’m singing jazz, funk, classical, rock, gospel, reggae or neo-soul, I perform like it’s my last time.  I am extremely excited and dedicated to music and musicianship.”

Her current single, “No Approval”, is the self-validating anthem with a rock band sound.  Boyd-Cannon states, “This is a song of self validation! I lived my life for everybody else. The decisions that I made were theirs, not my own and now I’ve found myself. I approved of myself and put the stamp of approval as Tonya Boyd-Cannon.”

While “No Approval” is an edgier, rock band groove, “Wondering” showcases a softer, more transparent side of the singer who features her husband John on the track. “Call It Jazz” encourages an open minded appreciation for greats like Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday.

Everyone has their “happy” place. Boyd-Cannon’s is music and she’s determined to invite and share that space with as many as possible.

“Music is a healer.  It can be the hardest metal rock to the most heart-wrenching ballad; with each lyrical piece, I will find a peace in the music.”

Tonya Boyd Cannon you are golden!  Muzic Is Life is available on are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, CD Baby, and and  

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