Dream Keepers: Service To All Mankind

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January 21, 2013
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Dream Keepers: Service To All Mankind

It was at a fifth grade career fair that a then young Justin Turner met a physician named Dr. Marshall.

“Dr. Marshall spoke of the huge need for better health care in Mississippi and challenged us to consider life as a physician,” Turner recalled. “ He said you can help a lot of people, make a good living doing it, but you have to make good grades.”

Turner made those grades, earned a scholarship to Jackson State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in chemistry.

However, his dream was delayed as he struggled with the medical school entrance exam. He was even told by professionals to pursue an alternative  career path, but Turner stayed focus and completed the task at hand.

He was later accepted to Meharry Medical College, where he embraced the school’s motto, “Worship of God through Service to Mankind.”

During his matriculation at Meharry, Turner worked hard in and outside the classroom. Founding the  Annual Men of Meharry Week and  a 100 Black Men Chapter on campus,were one of his many acts of service.

[quote]“ Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.  A man should do his job so well the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better,”—-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.[/quote]

At graduation, he received the Leonard Tow Humanism Award.  Most notably, he was chosen as a finalist by Nashville’s Chamber of Commerce as Emerging Leader in Healthcare.

Believing in giving back to those who helped him along the way influenced Turner’s decision to return  home to complete his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Despite a very rigorous schedule, he still found time to serve his community. Turner was among  a select few chosen  as a HEALing Fellow, a community outreach program to identify and help correct causes of health disparities, and to improve resident training in serving the needs of the community.

In 2012 Turner was named Newcomer Physician of the Year  at Central Mississippi Medical Center and was chosen as Physician of the Quarter in the fall.

“My  lifetime goals are to help transition Mississippi from the bottom ranks of healthcare,” shared the 31- year- old  physician. “And influence others to get engaged in rebuilding our community, and to be a great husband and father one day.”


  1. Janice M.T. Armstrong says:

    Good article. It is good to see young black men creating their own legacy on this celebrated MARTIN LUTHER KING day and aspiring others to keep the dream alive. Truly you have accomplished a lot in 31 years. We need current day leaders. Continue to give back, Dr. Turner. Mississippi is blessed to have you.

  2. Randy Lawrence says:

    I am a retired/disabled law enforcement veteran of 30 years, and I am a white male. I was blessed by the, “by chance” meeting of Dr. Turner, when my own long term primary care physician was stricken with cancer himself.
    I’m from the “old Mississippi”, and have never been as intimate as turning over my personal medical needs, to a young black man. Wow… was I pleastantly surprised during my initial visit with Dr. Turner.
    Because of my long term medical issues, prescription drug names and medical procedures had become very familiar, so I armed myself with some key medical questions, that I popped on Dr. Turner, as a test, and to my delight, he responded without hesitation or unassurance. Dr. Turner was “right on the money” with his retort, and has excelled in his personal treatment of my maladies.
    Dr. Turner and I have enjoyed a wonderful rapport, and his Christian love and deadication to helping his community is remarkable. Dr. Turner has become, not only a friend, but an important and meaningful inspiration to me. Dr. Turner is certainly setting a high mark for others to follow, but is humble enough and grateful enough to share his success with others. I am very proud of Dr. Turner and wish him nothing but excellence in his future.

    • Justin Turner says:

      Randy, I am honored to care for you! We are not where we need to be here in Mississippi, but have made significant strides in racial relations the last few decades. It’s going to take people like yourself, me, and others working together realizing we really are created equal. Last time I checked, we all bleed the same color blood. Genetics play a factor, but the environment in which someone is exposed to is monumental. As a cop, you saw this everyday. We must continue to be a positive influence as we revitalize our community!

  3. Kristi G. Brown says:

    What a wonderful article! Dr. Turner is all that this article says and more. He has a passion for what he does and you can truly tell that God had a hand in the making of this man. It is refreshing to read positive articles that highlight the successes of great men rather than their failures. I’m so proud of Dr. Turner and I know God will bless his giant heart!

  4. Christi Jackson Payton says:

    Justin, I am so proud of you! I am honored to have you as a friend. Your Christianity shines bright for all to see. Continue the good works and do not become discouraged. To whom much is given, much is required. You are a blessing to the community.

  5. Diawardrick Grover says:

    I admire you for sticking with your dream, I appreciate all the advice and words of encouragement you gave during my injury. Thanks Dr. Turner, keep doing what you are doing. You are truly a blessing.

  6. Gwen Lucas says:

    Justin keep up the good work.

  7. Jonathan Loving says:

    From the day that I met Doctor Justin Tunner he has truly dedicate his time, and energy, in first being an advocate for Jesus Christ and second being on the front line trying to make Mankind better each and everyday. I must say that I am blessed to have a Mentor like him with the will and drive (that is second to none) to positively effect everyone he comes in contact with. I know that I can always look back at the wonderful example he has set for myself and many like me. He truly is a wonderful person and a leader for right.

    • Justin Turner says:

      Jon, my passion lies in inspiring other males. I am fortunate to have had plenty of male role models in my life from Greg Carter, Dr Henry Moses, Pastor Ollie Hardaway, Dr Derek Marshall to many others who have helped along the way. You will do the same as I believe God didn’t put us on an island for a reason. None of us live a perfect life, but we must strive for it. You have accomplished great things already, and will continue to do so in the world of engineering. I’m just enjoying watching your growth

  8. Proud Meharrian says:

    Glad to see Meharrians making their mark, changing American culture, and serving the underserved. Kudos to Dr. Turner. Keep it up!

    • Justin Turner says:

      It is difficult to describe the Meharry experience but one thing I know is how it affirmed my purpose. Our motto couldn’t be a better example for one to live by. Thanks, as I am so proud to have flapped my wings, building the strength to soar and believe a “little boy from Mississippi” could help change the world!

  9. Delories says:

    Dr. Turner is the epitome of a servant. He gives relentlessly of his time and efforts to be a blessor rather than a recipient of a blessing. He has such a compassionate spirit for his patients. Medical care extends beyond a doctor visit to the office. I am so proud of Dr. Turner’s accomplishments. His profession is a gift from God, and he wears it well. Staying humble will take him to greater heights. God’s blessings upon His great chosen Servant.

  10. Hongtao Yu says:

    Dr. Turner,

    We at JSU Chemistry are very proud of what you have done so far. Keep up the good work and strong Faith in God.

  11. Wendell Jones says:

    Nice article! Way to push for your goal Doc!

  12. Cleopatra Norris says:

    In the years I have known Dr. Turner, he had always had a sincere focus on caring for others and their well being. His determination to succeed has definitely paid off and encourages children, students, future entrepreneurs and even souls with dreams in mind to persevere, and stay focused. I’ve had days as a non traditional student in Surgical Technology when I thought all was lost, but encouraging words, scriptures and support was showered on me in a sincere way from Dr. Turner. It made me ” want ” to try again because I owed it to myself to embrace the opportunity, revise my study schedule and take care of business. The city of Jackson is very fortunate to have Dr. Justin Turner, not only as a young physician, but with a fervent desire to increase healthcare for most and pave the way for others. Spread your wings and expand any and all opportunities that come your way!

  13. Tina Lucien says:

    Dr. Turner is truly a God sent, this article is so inspirational and encouraging to those of us who have dreams and are still seeking the manifestation of them. I understand his level of success because he never gave up and for that I am so inspired. Dr. Turner has had the opportunity to treat my entire family. He is truly one who shows his appreciation to the creator by the way he treats his patients. Truly, he is great at what he does. His job is not done once you leave his office, he goes the extra mile to follow up and that is very rare!! My family appreciates all that you do and may others who read pay you a visit at CMMC and be equally as blessed through your expertise as well as your compassion!!!

  14. Dreka Shevon says:

    It is so captivating to see Dr. Turner in action. After reading this article, I was taken back to my personal visit to his clinic. His level of compassion, spirituality, and exceptional care, not to mention expert knowledge quickly set me at easy. Unlike many doctors, he has a very personalable spirit and a desire to sincerely see each patient find the problem and not just medicate the symptoms. I love it when a doctor can take more than 3 minutes in your examing room, and actually discuss your labs and draw diagrams to make it simple. Dr. Turner is definitely that doctor. He puts his patients before himself and he sees to it that his entire staff all hold patient care at the highest esteem. Am so happy to see him get just a little of the accolades he so deserves. Keep up the Great Work Dr. Turner

  15. Joi Morris says:

    Wow, very great article. Congrats..

  16. Marco W. McMillian says:

    Beautiful story, Justin. Thanks for sharing. Someone somewhere will be inspired to greatness because of you. Allow your blessing from God to be a blessing to others. Keep the faith and keep making life better for other people. I am so proud of you, my brother!

  17. Willie B Taylor,RN,BSN,NHA,CEO says:

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr Turner in person at a business luncheon. We talked for only a few minutes but in those minutes we had so much to say. It is indeed an honor to meet someone who not only talk the talk but lives the life. A purpose driven life to improve mankind. God makes no mistakes when he put people in our path. Some people we meet inspire us to raise the bar, to give more, and try to improve the quality of the life around us. They encourage us to be bigger, better than ourselves. Dr Turner is such a person, a wonder to the mind with his knowledge, a delight to the soul with his faithfulness, and a light to the spirit with his smile. He is simply put ” A MAN OF GOD”

  18. AMANDA JOHNSON says:


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