Savvy Lifestyle Magazine is proud to introduce a new segment for our relationship section: Savvy’s Most Eligible. Our first Most Eligible is a bachelor by the name of Steve A. Gray. Gray is a 33-year-old lobbyist from Vicksburg, Miss.

Savvy: What features/characteristics do you find attractive in a woman?

Gray: She definitely has to have an overall beautiful character and personality along with intelligence and practicality. Physical attraction only last so long, and I value more than just the superficial, but do not get it confused, the physical does count.

Savvy: What’s one misconception that women tend to make about you?

Gray: Most women that truly don’t get to know me only see me for my business side. So they think I’m all about business all the time. That’s not true, I can balance the equation. I’m just feasible and realistic on how I balance it.

Savvy: Describe a perfect first date.

Gray: Since I’m a nature boy, I love dining outside when the weather is perfect. A nice quiet candlelight dinner with a light breeze, soft jazz, and a waterfront view would do just fine.

Savvy: What will make you commit?

Gray: When I know deep in my heart we are in tune spiritually and the issue of trust is no longer an issue. We got each other’s back no matter what!


Savvy: What makes you a good man?

Gray: That’s a tough question, because defining someone as good, regarding relationships is so subjective and just flat out tough to measure. I can honestly say I believe “you reap what you sow”, therefore, I would not want to do anything to anyone, that I wouldn’t want done to me.


Savvy: How would you know when you’ve found the one?

Gray: That’s just something I would have to pray on.

Savvy: What do you like to do in your free time?

Gray: Free time basically consist of golf, gym, reading, church, visiting family, and hanging with friends, frats, and colleagues and of course relaxing.

Savvy: Tell us something that women would find particularly interesting about you.

Gray: I am very inquisitive.


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Savvy Lifestyle Magazine is proud to introduce a new segment for our relationship section: Savvy’s Most Eligible. Our first Most Eligible is a bachelor by the […]
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