7 Principals for Respecting Your Wife

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March 9, 2016
7 Principals for Respecting Your Husband
March 10, 2016

7 Principals for Respecting Your Wife


Listening to your wife allows you to really understand her, and see her inner-most thoughts. You also see her needs. Being able to listen is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your wife. When you listen, understand that she is not asking for your advice, she is simply looking for you to be open to her feelings and thoughts. Listening allows you to see what she is saying, how she is saying it, and most importantly, why she is saying it. By listening, you can discern whether your wife is seeking your advice or just in need of you helping her to find her own answer.


The more you listen to your wife, the better you will get at paying attention to her. Paying attention allows you to learn major and minor details about your wife, such as knowing her favorite things, her love language, when to do things for her, and how to read her moods. When you pay attention to your wife, you can tell when she wants to do something or have something, but denies it to accommodate you or a situation. Perhaps the greatest thing is being able to recognize who God is in your wife, the strengths and gifts that He’s placed in her. Paying attention allows you to love her the way she deserves to be loved.


As a husband it should be a privilege to appreciate your wife every chance you get. Appreciation shows her that all she does has value. Our wives do so much daily to make sure all our needs are met as well as running a household. Appreciate your wife by saying thank you every chance you get. Learn how to edify her at all times letting the world know that she is your gift from the Lord. Appreciate her time, her loving, her respect, her patients, her thoughts and her value to your life.  This is an action that will always keep a smile on her face.


Cleansing your wife takes loving her mind, body and soul to a new level.  As a husband we are taught to cleanse our wife by washing her with the word of God. As we listen and pay attention to her, please be aware that from day to day so much negativity, disappointments and past hurts fill her mind. Sometimes it’s visible and sometimes suppressed. To cleanse her we must pray with and for her daily, speak positive things into her life daily, speak the word of God with her daily and patiently help her to focus on the positive only each and every day. As you cater to her as the weaker vessel the stronger she will be.


Being a gentleman shows your wife that you’re a chivalrous, courteous and an honorable man. Doing this consistently will give your wife the assurance that you love and honor her worth.  Your wife deserves to have her doors opened, her chair pulled out, having her hand held in public and private, foot rubs and fixing her plate,  just to name a few. Being a gentleman is one of the greatest ways to honor your wife, not only for what she does but ultimately for who she is to you. As husbands let’s show our wives and the world that chivalry is alive and well.


Being the visionary of the home it is our job to set the bar high with everything that we do, including setting goals. The goals should include you and your wife at all times. Because we as husbands desire to see all God has instore for our wives, it is good to set all goals bigger than life. High goals are put into place so that we have to be stretched and grow to reach them. As husbands stretching our wives shows her that we believe in her. Believing in our wives is one of the highest forms of love and appreciation.


Yes, place her before parents, children, the household responsibilities, work-related duties, and all the other things that attempt to press their way in front of your wife. Establishing and maintaining this priority is one way of fostering peace, better communication, and productivity within your home and relationship.

Written by James Roach



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