Characteristics of Successful Men That Appeal To Women

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May 17, 2013
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June 6, 2013

Characteristics of Successful Men That Appeal To Women

While having a conversation with some of my boys, we joked on the weekly Twitter debates on the $200 date. No, I won’t start that up, but we just reflected on how stupid it is that some men and women judge a man by his ability to provide a $200 meal. That discussion sparked this blog, because it angered me that men make interactions with women more difficult than they need to be. I’m beginning a 3 part series which will dive into this topic and will hopefully shed some light on my perspective of the dating scene.   In this installment, I discuss the hidden qualities that men can show to make themselves more appealing to women. This is hidden only because the best place to hide things is right in people’s faces. What I will say may not be “new” but it’s something that men need to hear. Money alone does not determine your worth and appeal to quality women! If you deal in certain circles, you’re more than likely a young professional making good money, earned a few degrees, are a part of professional organizations, and have climbed the ladder to success. More than likely, you’ll have comparable stats with other men, so what makes you different? The following three qualities can help you to diversify yourself and show you that true potential isn’t always on a superficial level:

A Diversified Vocabulary

I hate and appreciate the English language equally, due to its complexity. There can literally be 50 synonyms for one word. Men don’t have to be language arts masters, but it says something about a man who can articulate his thoughts without vulgarity ever 4 words or utilizing the phrase “You know what I’m sayin?” When a man can properly convey a thought in a clear and concise manner, it shows that you are knowledgeable, educated (not just “book smarts”), and intelligent. When I was younger, I would switch up how I talked in school as opposed to my friends because I was ashamed of being the “smart kid”.I didn’t want to be labeled as a nerd or geek, and I didn’t want to sound like I was above everyone else. As I got older, I realized that you should never hide your intellect to massage another person’s ego. Narcissism isn’t appreciate either. Embrace higher learning and don’t fear the repercussions of how you positively present yourself. Women appreciate communication, so naturally they appreciate a man who is clear in thought and word. You don’t have to have the gift of gab, or have the stoic, broody, teenage vampire show esque persona to be effective. Synonyms are your friend! Exhibiting diversity in how you communicate will be appreciated by women and hey, it works in business and other interactions too.

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  1. Marty says:

    Glad to know that there are still women that appreciate intelligence.

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