Five Questions Men Should Ask Themselves Before Having Sex

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Five Questions Men Should Ask Themselves Before Having Sex

I’ve been a Black man for quite a while now. It’s been a fun ride, with its ups and downs, but I have to say that in this journey, where half the world is working to secure your extinction, you realize that your ability to think and make critical decisions can become the key to your survival.  But beyond surviving, you also want to prosper.   Part of your path to prosperity should include good family planning.

Kids are expensive, both financially and emotionally.  When they come to life, your life suddenly becomes secondary.  You might want the new Xbox360 game, but you won’t be playing jack if the baby needs a new set of diapers.  Even if you try to walk away from your responsibility, the courts won’t let you, and you’ll also be explaining to a 20-year-old boy why you hated him enough to leave him to the wolves.

Given that sex is one of the most natural forces in the universe, I thought I’d explain a few things to you. You don’t have to take my advice, and I don’t know everything, but when it’s all said and done and you are lying in the bed you’ve made for yourself, you’ll realize that the most significant events in your life come down to whether or not you made good choices or bad ones.

Here are five things to consider before having sex:

1) Why are you doing this anyway?

Sadly enough, commercialized hip-hop on the radio makes its billions by teaching Black men to have sex with any pretty thing with a working vagina.   The rule is that if she’s “fine” and she’s willing, then you’d be a fool not to take it.  The sad part of this story is that a lot of brothers soon find that a toxic woman — even one with a beautiful smile — can make you wish you were never born.  Evelyn Lozada, the violent Sasquatch on “Basketball Wives” might be a perfect case-in-point.

In addition to women who can be flat-out evil and devious, there are others who are walking public health alerts.  Everything that looks clean is not.  Speaking of which…..

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