Most Eligible: Melvin Priester, Jr.

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August 7, 2012
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Most Eligible: Melvin Priester, Jr.

Meet bachelor Melvin Priester, Jr., a 33-year-old attorney who moonlights as a DJ and loves to travel.


What catches his eye…

Intelligence, toughness, and artistic ability all bundled into one.  I am attracted to brains and mechanical skills.  I swoon over girls who can fix a bike, a car, or anything involving electricity.  Organizational ability is also a plus to me because I organize lots of events and I need people in my life who are better at project management than I am.  I don’t necessarily need for a woman to have a phd, but the women I have had the longest relationships with all tend have real world signs of extreme intelligence such as speaking multiple languages or a job that involves math.


One misconception is that…

People often think I’m quiet. In fact, I am extremely opinionated, I just keep my opinions to myself until I find the right person and then I don’t shut up.

Romance the woman of his dreams by…

Going on adventures together.  Travel. Duck out of from work and go on a day trip. Have a midnight picnic with wine and cheese in the park.  Make her a mixtape (ok, cd).

He will committ if…

We can travel together and the experience is better than traveling alone or with my friends.  Secondly if we can organize an event or work together and the event is better and the process is less stressful than when I work alone or with my normal team. My parents ran a business together, Priester Law Firm, for most of their adult lives.  If I think I can achieve that same level of teamwork with a woman, that makes me think “long term partner.”

He’s a good man because…

I’m accepting. I don’t judge.  When I’m on your team, I’ll fight until the end anyone who gets in the way of your happiness.  I believe in the people I love and I love helping people fulfill their goals.

He’ll know he’s found the one when…

She makes me feel calm.  If it was us against the world, I would take those odds.  She gets the nod of approval from my mother, my brother, my best friend, and my father.

In his free time he likes to…

Organize a quarterly lecture series called Cross-Pollinate that brings young artists and intellectuals to Jackson to give presentations on topics such as copyright law and the war on terror and also do collaborative art project with local artists.  I’m part of a nationwide collective of Djs, artists, and (oddly enough) gourmet chefs that throws events as part of the Burning Man Arts Festival every year in Nevada ( I love to travel, my favorite city to visit is Berlin, Germany.  On my next big trip, I’m going to Lisbon and to Barcelona.

You might find it interesting that… 

I attended circus school in San Francisco for two years where I learned to do flying trapeze. I dropped out because I wasn’t flexible enough.


Photography by Sterling Photography. Thank you to our Most Eligible Bachelor sponsor Amia Edwards Real Estate, “Never Make A Move With Amia!”


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